Assetto Corsa v1.5



Kunos rilascia la versione 1.5 di Assetto corsa con nuovi contenuti e aggiornamenti,  già disponibili per il download tramite Steam, dove contiene una serie di miglioramenti grafici e tecnici. Una novità è la funzionalità PitStop permettono di carburante e pneumatici cambia così come riparare i danni in entrambi gli ambienti single e multiplayer


La nuova versione include alcuni nuovi contenuti incredibili, disponibili come aggiornamenti gratuiti: la Ford Mustang 2015, La Corvette C7 Stingray 2015, la Abarth 595 EsseEsse e il nuovo scenario “Black Cat County”, disponibile con 3 differenti layout.

Ecco le novità nel dettaglio:

– New Abarth 595esseesse and S1, S2 upgrades
– New Ford Mustang GT 2015
– New Corvette C7 Stingray
– New Black Cat County track
– Nurburgring gp circuit updated
– Nurburgring gp circuit now with 4 layouts
– Silverstone circuit updated
– Monza circuit updated
– Spa circuit updated
– Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit updated
– Nurburgring Nordschleife endurance cup layout added
– Mugello circuit updated
– Magione circuit updated
– Imola circuit updated
– Drift circuit updated
– Vallelunga circuit updated
– Vallelunga classic layout added
– Vallelunga circuit (all layouts) now has 24 car slots
– Activated time progression in Multiplayer
– All cars updated to Tyre Model 7
– Pitstop are now available in single player races
– Damage is now visible in Multiplayer mode for remote cars
– Launcher: steam overlay support disabled due to stability issues
– Launcher: re-instated multi-process mode for CEF due to stability issues
– Launcher: changes to memory usage policy, more aggressive memory releasing thresholds
– Fixed Lamborghini Miura gearbox damage
– Updated drivetrain upshift and downshift timings for all cars
– F6 inside cameras use internal sounds
– Free camera now honours distance multiplier for sound attenuation
– Of all Drivable cameras only Cockpit uses internal sounds
– Transmission sound can have its own volume (by default it shares engine volume, otherwise it uses the TRANSMISSION value set in audio.ini)
– Gearshift sound shares engine volume
– Backfire sound shares engine volume
– Fixed car sound when bottoming out
– Realtime app shows lapped guys (blue) and lapping guys (green)
– Fixed FuelLapEvaluation function
– Fixed fuel consumption on turbo engines
– Fixed inconsistency on UI tech specs
– Modding : added FormCamera functionality to associate internal/external soundset
– Modding : added console commands “observeLights” and “observeFlames” (work as observeDigital); EDIT_MODE is deprecated
– Modding : added Digital Instrument KERS_CHARGE (percentage)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument TOTAL_LAPS (if session is not race then “—“)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument CURRENT_LAP
– Modding : added Digital Instrument EST_LAPS (if est is less than 0 then “–.-“)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument AMBIENT_TEMP
– Modding : added Digital Instrument FUEL_CONS (UNITS: MPG_UK, MPG_US, L100 or “Kms per Liter” if missing)
– Modding : added Digital Instrument PLACE_HOLDER to avoid fixed digits on texture (use TEXT)
– Modding : added ON_BOARD_LOOKBACK_OFFSET in car.ini
– All tyres now use V7 with brand new heating values (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
– All tyres now use V7 with brand new falloff level and speed (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
– Changed all tyres flex and pressure relation.
– Changed all tyres footprint and pressure relation
– Modified global aero efficiency with yaw angle. Works on all cars
– Added new aero.ini version=3 with new YAW_CL_GAIN values that can stall wings depending on yaw angle
– Yaw angle stalling wings and diffusers for GT2/GT3 cars and Mercedes C9 and Lotus 98T
– All GT2/GT3 cars now have minimum height 55mm
– 200,400,500,1000,2000 meters drag circuits now available
– Modding : ksPreviewBuilder added to sdk/dev folder
– Python Interface:
– initFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
– setCustomFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
– getCameraMode()
– setCameraMode(acsys.CM)
– getCameraCarCount(carId)
– setCameraCar(F6 camera index, carId)
– focusCar(carId)
– getFocusedCar()
– getServerName()
– getServerIP()
– getServerHttpPort()
– getServerSlotsCount()
– isCarInPitline(carId)
– isCarInPit(carId)
– isConnected(carId)
– getCarBallast(carId)
– getCarState(carId)
– eKersCharge
– eKersInput
– totally revamped backfire system (will not break mods)
– added new F1 “dash camera” and “Chase camera #2”
– CameraManager : fixed issue globalCameraIndex
– Fixed Camera selection on Replay Interface
– Fixed CameraApp to reflect Dash and Chase changes
– Fixed Camera system messages
– Fixed Random camera wrong cameras + message
– added CameraOnBoard offset to avoid car parts on view
– added new driver model with lod
– added Fuel Lut to solve issues with several cars gauges
– SharedMemory : added new members
– SPageFilePhysics
float turboBoost = 0;
float ballast = 0;
float airDensity = 0;
– SPageFileGraphic
int isInPitLine = 0;
float surfaceGrip = 0;
– SPageFileStatic
float maxTurboBoost = 0;
float airTemp = 0;
float roadTemp = 0;
bool penaltiesEnabled = false;
float aidFuelRate = 0;
float aidTireRate = 0;
float aidMechanicalDamage = 0;
bool aidAllowTyreBlankets = false;
float aidStability = 0;
bool aidAutoClutch = false;
bool aidAutoBlip = false;
– fixed several cars still featuring dashboard “floating” digits
– fixed car scraping volume
– added first implementation of Force Feedback Post Processing (docs in cfg/ff_post_process.ini)
– improved camber calculations
– improved tyre heating on low friction surfaces (grass,sand etc)
– added new “Tyres” app
– Server lap counters and lap times are now 16 bit unsigned ints allowing super long sessions/races
– Ford GT40 fuel tank position fixed
– revamp of all digital displays and script
– revamp of analogue gauges
– Lamborghini Huracan GT3 3D model tweaks
– Lotus Exige S model tweaks
– Various LOD fixes across the entire vehicle content
– BMW M3 GT2 3D model tweaks
– Roof on the LaFerrari is now customizeable
– Emissive values tweaked on some cars to improve visibility with PP off
– Various skin issues fixed
– PP preset improvements
– Improved AI behavior in traffic


stay tuned……

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