Coppa Italia Liveforspeed 2008: fase finale

Tocca alla XR GTR


  • 25.Giugno: Westhill- int. rev. Gp 40 giri
  • 09.Luglio: Kyoto Gp Long Gp 22 giri
  • 23.Luglio: Aston Grand Touring Endurance 34 giri

Is the XR GT Turbo not man enough for you? Slicks, wings, silly power and an angry face, this car has had the works done to it. Nobody knows what the LFS tuning division did to the turbocharger to get double the power out of the engine, but it works, and we are forever thankful. It likes to eat FXO GTRs for breakfast, so watch out.

Rear wheel drive Engine:  2.0 litre turbocharged inline 4  Power:  365 kW (490 bhp) @ 6278 rpm Torque:  627 Nm (461 lbft) @ 4782 rpm
Total Mass:  1100 kg (2424 lbs) Power-weight:   332 W/kg (453 bhp/ton) Weight dist:  55.4 F 44.6 R

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